Guy J Harnett is a self taught photographer from New York. Starting as a hobby back in 1981, I photographed many subjects but has always had a niche for concerts. What began as a hobby, started a career in photojournalism for the local newspaper. Unfortunately the career ended shortly as there was not a need for a "concert" photographer full-time. The only show contracted was of the late-great James Brown. Photographing newsworthy images was not the style I wanted to pursue so I ended my "career" as a photographer. Although the career ended, the passion for taking pictures was not forgotten and I had the opportunity to take many, many pictures across the country with that same passion I always had.

Most of my early work was shot on film, or slides, and was recently preserved and converted to digital. The most recent work is of course shot in a digital format. I can only imagine what I could have done if the technology was available back in 1981!

From the past to the present, I am making my work available to the public for the first time. Please take a few moments to look at the work I have done.

All of the photographs available are printed on premium archival quality paper and suitable for professional mounting and framing.